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Transylvania is not only a gorgeous region; Transylvania, with it’s natural treasures might be a challenge for your health !

Covasna “The 1000 health springs resort ”, a chance for your wellness, hidden in the Carpathian Mountains, in Transylvania, a place where a thousand years ago three important factor have united: mofettes – dry CO2 emanation with a concentration/purity up to 98%, mineral water and negative ions with a concentration that rivals with that of Davos in Switzerland.

What is our offer?

Using the natural factors of Covasna “The 1000 health springs resort ”, has the following effects: It increases the dilatation of blood vessels, increases the muscular and cerebral blood flow with 50-75 %, it reduces arterial hypertension, increases the temperature of body extremities, it has a pain reducer and soothing effect, produces a new repartition of the blood through the body and accumulates the blood in the skin and in the vital organs.


What is happening in fact?

Five minutes after entering in a mofette, due to the vessel dilatation effect of the mofette-gas ,the testicles of men and the genital organs of women, heat up at first, then the temperature of the nose, fingers and toes increases with up to 10 °C as well. It’s unbelievable, but true, the gases do the hard work on our vascular system.

Specialists say that people with high blood-pressure, hypertensive, which are under treatment in Covasna live 5-6 years longer due to the reduced number of infarcts and vascular cerebral accidents. But before getting into these critical situations, we got the alarm signal of ED. According to recent studies, a normal sexual activity (twice a week) can make a man’s life longer, the risk of death can be 50% times smaller that in case of those who have sexual contact less than one time month.

What is new in Mayer&Mayer’s offer :

The invitation to use the natural treatment factors of “The 1000 health springs resort ” as a preventive method, to discover and taste what natural cure has to offer with generosity and enjoy our special itineraries – rich in beautiful landscapes, history, culture and tradition.

To know where to turn to in the “nature’s library” somewhere in Transylvania, in the Carpathian Mountains for a natural treatment you need so much - sooner or later!

“Tasting” nature’s healing power you’ll always return for the dream of eternal youth.

Time is money! Health is gold! Enjoy your life! Even though you don’t show signs of ED disease, come to prevent them, to find out that there are natural alternatives for a healthier life! Learn to get old, nice and healthy - said prof. Dr. Ana Aslan, a world famous Romanian gerontologist. There are thousands of beautiful places, wondrous hotels everywhere in the world; in the resort that we offer, nature is wondrous. Just try it! Discover it’s potential for your health! 

Last minute:

the Scottish Iain Smith, producer of the film “Cold Mountain”, made in Romania with stars like Nicole Kidman, Donald Sutherland, said recently to a reporter ”... Romania has unique beauties... The district in North Caroline where the real Cold Mountain can be found is called Transylvania... The reason why I came here is that these places show great similarity with North Carolina…”

We will see in this English-Italian-Romanian co-production soon, what will be the impact of the wonderful landscapes from Transylvania on Nicole Kidman”s performances and last but not least, on the tourists.

Covasna-“The 1000 health springs resort”

Natural cure factors:- mineral waters - carbo-gaseous emanations - mofettes - air rich in negative ions - sedative, sparing bioclimate

Treatment facilities: - hot tub bath with carbogaseous mineral water - mofettes - physiotherapy, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy - massages - medical gymnastics




- Bucharest Sightseeing - The Romania's capital, Bucharest was founded 500 years ago. It is a natural starting point for visits to the country. During the 1930's its tree-lined boulevards and fin de siecle architecture earned it the nickname "the Little Paris of the East": it even has an Arc de Triomphe! The tour contains visits to the Cotroceni Palace, The Parliament House - the biggest administrative construction in Europe and the Curtea Veche with its ornate remains of a 15th century palace.

- Dinner and lodging- 3* hotel / Bucharest.



- Breakfast hotel Bucharest. - Transfer to Brasov town passing through SINAIA - "The Pearl of the Carpathians", situated at 125 km distance from the country's capital, is a town-resort endowed with all the necessary facilities for a very pleasant pastime. - Visit to Sinaia Monastery - the name of the town comes from the Monastery of Sinaia, built in 1695 by the "spatar" (old high rank among the military nobility of the Valahian kingdom) Mihai Cantacuzino after a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, at Mount Sinai; the monastery contains furnitures, historical objects, icons, rare books and the exhibition of pottery and porcelain ware (dating from 16th- 19th century).


- Visit to Peles Castle - an old royal-residence, today a famous museum, it is the first touristic objective of Sinaia and one of the most precious monuments in Romania; built between 1875-1883, the castle contents many architectural styles, but prevalent is the German style, it is placed in the middle of a splendid park with beautiful terraces and includes 160 rooms with valuables decorative elements.


-Visit to the Bran Castle - built in 1378 atop a cliff and served as a coustom check-point between Valahia and Transilvanya and also had a strategic role in protecting the pass; nowadays, the castle is a museum and is included in most "Dracula" circuits as its legend was linked with the image of the Vlad Tepes, the inspiring figure for Bram Stoker's character


- Tour of BRASOV. - Visit to Biserica Neagra - the most bigest construction in Gothic style in Romania, built between 1384-1477, with 89m length and 38m wide; its name (Black Church) comes from the great fire in 1689 that provoked some serious damages and made its walls black; it is remarkable by the decorative elements of Renaissance and Baroque influence, a grate number of statues and one of the oldest organ in our country. - Dinner and lodging Brasov– Capitol Hotel 3*


- Breakfast – Capitol Hotel - Brasov.

-COVASNA -It is located in a region where, in very remote times, the surface of the Earth was shaken by volcanos. Their echo is still felt today in the existence of the carbo-gaseous mineral waters and the moffetas (emanation of natural gas, especially carbon dioxide). Covasna, situated at 600 m altitude, at the feet of the Vrancea mountains, along the river Covasna - gives great chances to those suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The balneary procedures are also intended to those suffering of digestive, metabolic disorders and neurotic asthenia. Surrounded by mountain peaks, rich woods and flowery meadows, Covasna is a starting point to trips full of charm: to Valea Zanelor (the Fairy Queens Valley), to the neighboring spa Balvanyos, to the city of Sf. Gheorghe, the capital of the Covasna county. Special Romanian taste dinner and accommodation Brasov.


- SIGHISOARA - the "Saxon Nurenberg", as the town was nicknamed, has been continuously inhabited since the 12th century; the old burgh - especially on the Citadel's Hill - has winding narrow streets, mysterious houses, many objects of everyday living which became museum pieces; the emblem of "the pearl of Transylvania", as it is also known Sighisoara, is the clocked tower, 64 m high, placed at the main gate of the citadel, from whose balcony the entire vista of the city can be admired; this 14th century building is a history museum containing old documents, weapons, coins, glass icons and pharmaceutical recipients reminding of the secrets of doctor Faust…; in the former Dominican monastery of the 13th century is a collection of oriental carpets and a bronze font dated 1440; atop the Citadel's Hill is a gothic cathedral with strange stone sculptures on the buttresses, having inside a remarkable tabernacle dated around 1500 and the multicolored altar of Sf. Martin; here also exists another reference point regarding the most amazing myth of this millennium'' end: the house where "Dracula" was born.


- SIBIU – also known as Hermannstadt, is located in the center of Romania. It is an ancient cultural center whose beginnings date back to 1192. The capital of Southern Transylvania, Sibiu was the most important of the seven cities established by the German colonists. Indeed, it is from the German population that has. - Visit to Brukenthal Museum - founded in 1870, it is the oldest museum in our country; its name recalls its creator, the ex-governor of Transylvania: Samuel Brukenthal - one of the most famous collectors of antiques. - Visit to Evangelical Church - built in several stages between 14th-15th centuries in Gothic style; it contains a commanding tower, where you can wiew the entire city. - Dinner and lodging SIBIU – Continental Hotel 3*



- Breakfast – hotel Continental – Sibiu - Transfer to Bucharest passing through:Cozia and Ramnicu Valcea

-The monastery of COZIA one of the most valuable monuments of 14-th century architecture, stranting point for Byzantine style in Wallachia. The main church draws attention with the harmony of proportions, rich ornamentation and exceptionally valuable paintings Is the hosts the grave of Mircea the Older, one of the most glorious voivodes in the history of the Romanians.

-Back to Bucharest

Services Included

accommodation in 3 stars hotels – 4 nights / 3 dinners at the hotels and 1 special Romanian dinner / transport by bus for all tour, with AC / English or German speaking guide ( as you ask)

The price doesn`t includes: - services which are not in program - entrances, between 12-16 Euro/ person - alcoholic drinks - insurance - airport taxes, airplane tickets